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Brody museum of history and district ethnography

In Brody

Halls of museum

A museum consists of two subsections: the main apartment of museum, situated on Maydan Svobody, and show-rooms on the territory of Brody castle.

The work time of museum is enough flexible - from Sunday to Friday it works from 10 to 18 oclock, the break - from 13 to 14 oclock, Saturday is a free day. The museum can work on Saturday for the organized tourist groups on the condition of previous agreement.

The professional tour guides will tell you about the history of our region. In the main apartment you can examine constant displays, to look through and acquire regional literature and booklets:
Brody and Brody region. Literature about...

  • collection of post-cards "Brody at the beginning of XX century" (reprint);
  • "The Brody museum of history and district ethnography " - consists of short stories about museum in Ukrainian and English languages, illustrated by museum materials;
  • "Brody castle" is a history of sight of architecture of Ukraine with graphic materials;
  • Ukrainian-German booklet "Brody and its region" shows nature, figures, sights of region;
  • guide-book "Pidkamin" - the illustrated excursion to the interesting and picturesque Pidkamin is a beautiful help to the tourists;
  • the booklet-folder "Brodivshchyna" consists of photoes, cards, short stories about our region;
  • "Brody and Bridshchyna" the unique edition of the magazine "Galitska Brama": 44 pages with illustrations and high-quality materials about history of our region;
  • Literary-regional magazine "Bridshchyna".

The show-rooms of museum in Brody castle are opened during the conducting of thematic exhibitions or for a review on the order excursion and tourist groups (tel. +38 03266 42113). After the previous order such thematic photo-exhibitions can be exhibited:

  • "The history of Brody Jewries";
  • "Trip by an old city: Brody on the old pictures and postcards at the end of XIX - beginning of XX century";
  • "Jozef Kozheniovskiy and Brody".
In museum

A museum is found in the building of former monastery of sisters of pity (the XVIII century). Then the apartment was used for administrative establishments: from 1866 to 1918 year here was the royal regional head office of the Austrian-Hungary empire, during Soviet-Polish war in 1920 here was the staff of the bolshevist First equestrian army, and in an intermilitary period (1920-1939) here was the head office of Polish power. After war a house belonged to the soviet punitive organs of MGB, and after that a district printing-house was situated here. From the 1979 the apartment was passed to the museum. During 1980-1984 years a display and collection of exhibits were created. In September of 1984 the Brody regional museum was opened. This event was dedicated to the 900 anniversary of the first writing mention about Brody. At the beginning the establishment worked as folk, and from an April, 1 1991 became the department of the Lviv historical museum. On March, 29 2001 Brody museum of history and district ethnography was created on the base of the Brody historical and cultural department of the Lviv historical museum.

A museum display consists of 43 sections and built on chronologic principle in 7 halls. History of district is carried out after themes:
Museum expositions

  • The most ancient times (from stoning age to Kievan Russia);
  • Polish days (from the end XІV-XVIII century);
  • Region under power of the Austrian empire (1772 - 1918);
  • The first world war (1914-1918), national liberation competitions (1918-1919), Polish-bolshevist war (in 1920);
  • Intermilitary period (in 1920-1939);
  • ІІ world war (1939-1945), fight of OUN, UPA in Brody district (1940-50th);
  • Separately presented Nature of Brody district and Ethnography of district (from the end of XIX at the beginning of XX century).

A display is completed by a photogallery with the types of sights of history and culture of Brody district, panorama Brody ХVІІ-ХVІІІ century.

The guides of Brody museum of history and district ethnography conduct surveying and thematic excursions by a display, by Brody castle, by historical-cultural sights of Brody and district. A museum is the organizer of searching-researches and ethnographic expeditions. The researches workers of establishment take part in the leadthrough of archaeological excavations, organize the district reading and conferences, give professional consultations.

Brody museum of history and district ethnography
Ukraine, Lviv region, Brody, Maydan Svobody, 5
Phone +38 (03266) 4-21-13
E-mail: bikm @ ukr.net

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