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80600, Ukraine, Lviv region,
Brody town, Stusa street, 8
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Brody is the center of important district in Lviv region of Ukraine. It has very advantageous geographical position. Brody was the cross-roads of important transport ways of Europe and large shopping and industrial center for ages. In different times in Brody lived, stopped or travelled known history persons, cultural figures, imperious persons: Vladimir Monomah, Coutouzov, Onore-de-Balzac, Ivan Franco, Jozef Roth and others. Brody remembers the times of Kievan Russ, Mongolo-Tatar, Austrian-Hungary, Poland, Germany, USSR. Brody had a lot of fights and battles, the kings built castles, residence and strengthening here.

Brody-tours engulf the interesting known objects of Ukraine: Dubno(50km), Pochaiv(30km), Ternopil(76km), Zolochiv, Olesco, Pidkamin, Lviv, Kiev. Near placing, hotel places, establishments of feed, rest, communication, the internet at a price, what below from similar in large town, does Brody the one of popular tourist centers of Ukraine.

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