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Lviv,  theatre of opera and balet (100 km)
Pidgirtcsi castle - 20 km to Brody

Dear tourists!

Glad to greet you on the site of tourist agency of Ariy, that is found in an ancient town of Brody.

The advantageous geographical location of Brody (it is 100 km to Lviv, 76 km to Ternopil, 100 km to Rivne, 110 km to Lutsk) opens a lot of possibilities of conducting of excursions and acquaintance with history sights of Ukraine, that are located on crossing of ways of Volin and Podillya and make the so called "Golden ring". Among them there are the historical-arhitectural pearls of the region: the Pochayiv Lavra of the Assumption of the Theotokos, Pidkamin Dominican monastery, along side with which is a stone-giant (the sight of nature) with the altar of pre-Christian time, architectural complex "Pidhirtcsi castle" - the known summer residence of the Polish princes on the Ukrainian lands, also the castle in Zolochiv and world-wide known Olesko castle in baroque style.
Tourists and Brody nature

Brodivschina is known as a motherland of Yaciv Golovatsckuy (the member of "Russian trinity"), famous artist I.Troush, writer T.Bordoulyac. The polish writer Jozef Kozheniovskiy, classic of austrian literature Jozef Roth were born in Brody. The founder of judaic religious flow (hasidizm) Izrail Bal Shom Tob, philosopher Nazman Krohmal, research worker, philologist Isaac Levison lived in Brody for a long time.

Picturesque nature of Volin-Podillya border is in favour of a wonderful rest. The history from the oldest prince times left us a lot of interesting sights in inheritance.

We are ready hospitably to meet you in Brody or drive away from Lviv, Ternopil, Rivne, Lutsk or any cities of Ukraine. Pay attention to our interesting tours and apply on additional information.

Welcome to Ukraine! Travel with us! Open your own Ukraine and world!

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Rock - nature monument

Ternopil (100 km)
Olesko castle - 40 km from Brody
Used information and photos from Brody museum (Brody, Svoboda sq., 5). All rights reserved.
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